Claire Beatson’s Evening Ritual

Tea, bath and sleep. Nod founder and believer, Claire shares her pre-bed time routine.

I set a time each evening to put down any other beverages (read: vino) and make a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea. I find this is a great signal for your brain to know that bed time is coming up. My time is 8:30pm. I have a dose of Nod here too.

I make sure the kitchen is sorted for the morning kids rush and I always go to bed with a clean bench top (it’s amazing how calm this makes you feel). Then, I dim all the lights in the house and keep them dim for the rest of the evening, changing the mood of my home from busy to cosy.

I don’t have a bath right now so a long hot shower is the go. Ideally, I’d have an Epsom salts bath as the salts do amazing things for relaxing my muscles and detoxifying my body after the stress of the day. The steam and the heat of the shower are wonderful relaxants though. This is a good time to do some deep breathing and let my rushing thoughts start getting hazy.

Next, I moisturise from head to toe. Spraying a gorgeous smelling body oil or moisturiser over your skin offers more than just hydration - the act of rubbing it in is also very soothing, like a little loving massage from you to you.

Bed time is around 10pm. Time for phone down. I’m trying more regularly to plug my phone in outside my bedroom to charge for the night, and leave it there. This one is a game changer if you can manage it; having physical distance from your phone means that you’re not tempted to look at it in the night (the blue light from the screen can reactivate your brain). It also ensures that when I wake up coming morning, I wake up feeling fresh with my own thoughts and can focus on my day ahead, rather than going down an email or social media wormhole all about other people’s lives. I firmly believe that the first ten minutes of every day should be about you. So, I focus on my thoughts, make a plan for my day and what I want to achieve.

Lastly, I check on my sleeping babes, then hop into bed (hopefully phoneless but I’m only human) with a candle or in dim light, and read for a bit. I have my second dose of Nod as I’m turning the lights out at about 10:30pm and feel excited about having a deep and delicious sleep.