Interview with Claire Beatson

Tell us who you are, where you live and what you do.

I’m Claire Beatson, a mother of three, living in Grey Lynn. My background is in advertising and design and I’m currently working as a freelance brand consultant. I have also recently founded a brand of my own, Nod.

How did Nod begin and what was the light bulb moment that started it all?

I’ve always struggled with sleep and I couldn’t find a solution I was happy with! Sleeping pills are not great for your health so for me were a last resort. I loved the idea of taking something natural for my sleep and anxiety but there wasn’t a solution on the market that was strong enough to help me. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and make my own formula! It’s amazing what you can do in plant-based medicine now. Ancient wisdom combined with modern extraction and blending techniques means you can design exactly the type of sleep you want. We designed a formula that would give a very deep sleep so you wake up restored and refreshed, ready for the day. The trick was to get the menstruum (or base) tasting beautiful, as usually a strong herbal formula means a very strong and often unpleasant taste. Not so with this Nod formula, it’s very strong but its tastes like honey and roses (literally).

Describe your perfect sleep in five words.

Relaxed, deep, happy dreams, waking-naturally-with-energy!

How has being a mum impacted your relationship with sleep?

It has definitely changed my relationship with sleep but not in a bad way! Before kids, I had demanding jobs, was in London working long hours and could never get to sleep – my mind was always busy. Since kids, I sleep more lightly and wake in the night when they wake, so the trick is how quickly I can get back to sleep. Sleep has become more precious since I’ve had kids. I respect my night-time routine and winding down to sleep a lot more that I did pre-kids.

We all have fears and worries - what is the one thing that can keep you awake at night?

There is the great saying, “you are only as happy as your unhappiest child” and I think that’s so true. If one of my kids is having a hard time, it ruins me!

What helps you get up in the morning? Who or what do you wake up for each day?

I’ve started this great habit of making a list for the next day before I go to bed each night. That means than when my alarm goes at 6:30am, I wake feeling organised and sorted for the day – essential with three kids and a busy job. It’s a trick my sister taught me and it works wonders!

What is the first thing you do when you get up?

I say good morning to my littlest Billy who has usually cuddled into bed with me around 6am, then I shower and get ready, wake up my other two, head into the kitchen to make lunches and pack bags. I eat breakfast with the kids then walk them up to school around 8:15am. I always try and squeeze in a 20-minute meditation before I’m at my desk at 9am. A friend, Claire Robbie taught me how to meditate a few years ago and it’s been a game changer for mental clarity for me - I love it.

What is the last thing you do every night before falling asleep?

Make my list! Then check on my kids, blow out my candle (obsessed with Mark Antonia’s Autumn scent at the moment) and take half a dropper of Nod.

What is your dream?

To have a happy, healthy family that I can support well, through working in and on something I am passionate about. That’s what Nod gives me – purpose. Every day I get emails from customers telling me their stories about how Nod has changed their lives through giving them their sleep back and making them happy and human again. It really feels good.

What is the life mantra you live by?

I love a good mantra! I have three current faves, all for different reasons:

  1. That ‘Everything happens for a reason’. I see life as a series of connections and believe that the people in my life and the experiences I have are all connected, like a puzzle, and as we live our lives the pieces fall into place. I love how life reveals this as we get older
  2. Newton’s, ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’ –to remind me to keep my life in balance (and because I’m a science geek)
  3. ‘Put faith into action without fear’ – this is to keep me brave in business! Essential when you’re running a start-up and every day presents new challenges.

Fundamentally, it’s about the circle of life and treating others with the kindness and respect that you expect from them in life and business. We have a family motto that people should leave our home feeling better than when they arrived. That’s says it all really.

Other than Nod, which products help give you that coveted beauty sleep?

Generally I’m more of a rituals girl than a products girl. So, for me it’s more about an long hot shower, reading an amazing book, burning a beautiful candle and brewing a sleep tea, more than it is about loads of expensive products. I keep it really simple with my products. I’m using a bespoke line called Midnight Laboratory at the moment and it’s so divine. It’s highly active but plant-based and has nothing nasty in it. I use the melting balm cleanser, then the serum, and moisturizer. A few drops of oil if my skin needs it. But that’s me done!