Claire Beatson, founder of Nod
It started with that all too familiar feeling that dawned around bedtime – I hope I sleep tonight. But it soon intensified into a dreaded, and anxiety-riddled experience.
"There’s got to be a resolution," I thought, but as I struggled to find an effective solution in a desolate market with just two options - one too mild and the other too addictive - I was inspired to fill the void of sleepless nights and the consequent stress for myself and other desperate, restless sleepers worldwide.
I am proud to share my story of Nod, as both a founder and firm believer of this potent, all-natural, and beautiful sleep support drops product. Thanks to our perfect blend and proprietary formula of sleepy plant-based sedatives, Nod batch twelve, formula #6 is the magic one.
So, this is for all of you, the restless sleepers struggling in the wee hours of the night. Let Nod be your solace. Let Nod help you to live your best life by giving you the best sleep possible. You’re a better mother, father, friend and lover when you get good quality sleep.
- Claire Beatson, founder of Nod
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