We all deserve a good night’s sleep, only then can you live your best life.

The Nod story

Sleep is everything for me. It's the secret to being a healthy, happy person and a better mother, friend, partner and boss! Like many of us, when life got busy, I really struggled to get a good deep sleep and I didn't want to have to take sleeping pills to get my 8 hours - it didn't feel right for my body. So after exploring the natural sleep options and finding they were not just not concentrated enough to work for me, I collaborated with some amazing women in herbal medicine and over an incredible 4 year journey, we made Nod. It's 100% natural, tastes beautiful and its unparalleled in terms of potency in the category. It really gives you your sleep back, and your life back! I feel so lucky to be helping people live their best lives through better sleep

- Claire Beatson, founder, businesswoman and mother of three

Our philosophy

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep

Sleep is the key to our health and our happiness. More and more we are as a society acknowledging the importance and benefits of getting our 7-9 hours sleep. But it's not always easy. We work late, we have screens in our lives, we travel, our children wake us, the list goes on...however the time we invest in improving our sleep quality will come back to us, tenfold.

Nod is designed to be an anti-dote to the modern 'tuned-in' lifestyle by helping you wind down in the evenings and relax into sleep. It's specifically designed to give you a deeper, better quality of sleep. Your mornings will transform. It's amazing to wake up truly refreshed, and scary to think you've been sleeping so badly beforehand. This is the piece of feedback we get from our customers most often - They thought they were sleeping okay, but they just weren't.

All the plants in Nod have the dual benefit of being anti-anxiety, as sleeplessness and anxiety often go hand in hand, so the number of times you wake in the night will be reduced and if you do wake in the night, you will find you get back to sleep much more quickly than you would normally.

Nod lives up to its promise of delivering an unmatched standard of deep, relaxing, restorative sleep.

Nature knows best

At Nod we have a firm belief in the power of nature, and a belief that powerful plant based solutions are the answer for modern health problems. Nod is merely a modern iteration of the plant-based medicinal wisdom that has been around for centuries. The difference being that we have modern techniques that let us use the plants to their full effectiveness through highly-sophisticated extraction and blending processes.

Our medical herbalists are our guru's at Nod. They've made a pure plant formula that is significantly more potent that any other natural sleep formula. Nod has 20g of herb per 30ml. Thats the equivalent to a full bottle of dried herbs. The product norm in this category is around .6g. That makes Nod 33 times stronger. It took 4 years to get right, but it tastes like heaven. Potency and taste, that's the Nod difference.

Our guarantee

Nod has been formulated by some of New Zealand’s most qualified, experienced and respected medical herbalists. We care passionately about the quality of each bottle we make – Nod is blended and bottled in premium GMP grade facilities in small batches. All our products are thoroughly tested through extensive consumer trials before being released to the world. It took longer than we thought as it's nearly impossible to get our sample bottles back once people wake up feeling amazing. In consumer trials, over 90% of people reported “having a deeper sleep”, “getting back to sleep more quickly in the night” and “waking up feeling more refreshed”.