Claire Beatson, founder of Nod

Sleep is everything for me. It's the secret to being a healthy, happy person and a better mother, friend, partner and boss! But when life got busy, sleep didn't always come easily. I really struggled to get a good deep sleep and I didn't want to have to take sleeping pills to get my 8 hours - it didn't feel right for my body. So after exploring the natural sleep options and finding they were not just not concentrated enough to work, I collaborated with some amazing women in herbal medicine and over an incredible 4 year journey, we made Nod. It's 100% natural, tastes beautiful and its unparalleled in terms of potency in the category. It really gives you your sleep back, and your life back! I feel so lucky to be helping people live their best lives through better sleep

- Claire Beatson, founder, businesswoman and mother of three     

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