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Our Story

Nod is designed to give you the beautiful sleep that you deserve.

Combined with the knowledge of a deep, relaxing sleep experience and a belief in the power of mother nature, our story began three years ago when founder Claire Beatson set out to bid the void of sleepless nights farewell. In 2018, Nod was born.
Nod is crafted by experts and blended locally, resulting in an original and highly effective sleep formula made from potent New Zealand plant extracts and herbs.
Intended to fit seamlessly into your evening routine, Nod has also been created with daily luxury in mind – the thoughtful design in the relaxed shoulders of our bottles, the nod to the evening moon in our emblem, and the delicious rose honey taste of our drops.

Let Nod be your solace; everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

Bonne nuit.

Our philosophy

Nod is for you

For the restless sleepers, the over thinkers, the idealists, the insomniacs, and the occasional wakers. Nod takes the anxiety away from every part of your sleep - from getting to sleep, to waking with an anxious and busy mind. Nod calms you, it makes you feel relaxed and positive about sleep. If you wake in the night, you won’t wake up on ‘high-alert’, rather you will come into a light sleep then easily drift back to deep sleep. Nod lives up to its promise of delivering an unmatched standard of deep, relaxing, restorative sleep.

The science of nature

Our ethos lies with a firm belief in the power of Mother Nature. Through a holistic scientific approach, we have designed a formula of the highest quality New Zealand plant extracts synergistically blended to deliver a truly effective natural sleep product where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. There are no fillers, additives, or preservatives in Nod.

Our guarantee

Nod is formulated by one of New Zealand’s most qualified, experienced and respected medical herbalists, Kate Robertson. We care passionately about the quality of each bottle we make – Nod is blended in premium GMP grade facilities in small batches. All our products are thoroughly tested through extensive consumer trials before being released to the world to ensure Nod safely delivers results, meeting both our expectations and yours.

Our team

Claire Beatson, Founder and Director
Kate Robertson, Medical Herbalist and Sleep Specialist
Skye Ross, Business Development and Marketing