It’s more than just the amount of herb that makes Nod different. There are other a few other key reasons that the Nod formula is so effective. 6 to be exact...

1. Pure herb, no grey area.

Nod is herb-only formula. Medical grade herbs with proven effectiveness. No essences or homeopathics like other natural products.

2. Fluid extracts for strength.

The herbs in Nod are fluid extracts, the most potent form available.

3. Less ingredients, at higher concentrations.

Carefully selected fewer herbs and used then at their maximum therapeutic doses (rather than a tiny bit of everything sleep-related).

4. The herbs work in synergy.

Every herb in Nod has to play more than its individual role. It has been selected specifically for how it interacts with other the herbs. This means the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and the effectiveness of the formula is compounded.

5. Made for a deeper level of sleep.

The herbs have been chosen specifically for their ability to relieve tension, induce sleep and keep you in a greater level of REM sleep. It’s about a better quality of sleep.

6. Organic rosewater.

Every herbal formula has water content, so why have h20 when you can have rosewater for beautiful skin and hydration?