What is Nod?

Nod is an all natural, plant-based, highly concentrated sleep formula. You take a few drops under your tongue each night and Nod helps to give you a deep, relaxing, beautiful sleep. Taking Nod means you get a better quality of sleep in the hours you have. 

Why was Nod created?

Like many products, to fulfil a need! The maker couldn’t find a product that worked for her; she found the other natural options too mild, and didn’t want to rely on sleeping pills or pharmaceuticals. So she collaborated with an amazing team of  medical herbalists and they began a four-year journey working on a plant-based formula for sleep.

How does the product taste?

Delicious - like rose honey - but it wasn’t easy. One of the things about very potent plants is that they don't taste great. So, we spent a long time experimenting with how we could create a beautiful-tasting formula that didn't sacrifice potency. We got there in the end and it was the addition of pure organic rosewater that really gave the product such a sweetness of taste and a lovely texture on the tongue.

What is in the product?

With Nod, we made the conscious decision to choose only plants that were proven to be sleep-inducing as well as anti-anxiety. Many sleep products you see have a lot of ingredients but only tiny quantities of everything. We wanted potency, so we deliberately chose to use less ingredients in much higher concentrations. 

How is Nod made?

We use the highest quality natural NZ made plant extracts (organic where possible) and then we blend the formula out in the premium GMP grade facilities at at Simunovich Olive Estate in Auckland. We use synergistic blending where everything works together to deliver a high-quality more effective product where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Can you design the type of sleep you want to have?

Yes, you can. For example, some of the very first Nod formulas had a lot of the dreaming herbs, like Valerian, and the folk on our trials were reporting that their dreams were super intense! So, we dialled the levels of that particular herb right down and dialled up the relaxing and calming herbs. Its a mix of art and science for sure.

What can I expect from a Nod sleep?

The Nod sleep is a deep, restorative sleep. We designed the formula to deliver a very deep, very relaxing sleep-style, with a waking-up feeling that customers describe as “warm and content” and even “delicious”. It takes the anxiety away from every part of your sleep - from getting to sleep, to waking with an anxious and busy mind. Nod calms you and makes you feel relaxed and positive. If you wake in the night, you won’t wake up on ‘high-alert’ rather you will come into a light sleep then easily drift back to deep sleep. 

How important is it to follow the directions?

The directions are just a guide. Half a dropper under your tongue before bed is the most common way to use Nod (Don't get put off by needing to follow the directions to the letter).

How much do I take?

That really depends on your metabolism and how severe your sleep issues are. If you have real trouble sleeping, you will need to take up to four doses per evening, but many of our customers find that they only need half-a-dropper once before bed. So, it really depends on the circumstance and the individual.

Why is the organic rosewater important?

Most sleep formulas have a very high water component, so we've substituted plain water with organic rosewater. Adding the rosewater not only helped the taste, it added the beauty benefit of giving your skin a hydration boost, so you will have a glow in the morning when you wake up. It’s our secret weapon šŸ„€

How can I harness the anti-anxiety properties of Nod?

Lots of our customers use Nod during the day for stress. It is perfectly safe to use a couple of drops under your tongue as you would a herbal rescue/anxiety spray. It is also perfectly suited to dropping a few drops into your water glass and sipping throughout the day when you need it.

How long does it take for Nod to work?

For some, on night one, for others it's more cumulative. You will know after three nights how your body is responding to it.

How long does a bottle last for?

About six weeks if you use as per directed. Each bottle contains about 600 drops. So, if you take 10 drops per night then that’s 60 days worth. Our heavy users need one bottle per month. The product has a shelf life of 3 years so you are safe for a long time.

Has it been consumer tested?

Yes it has. We have conducted extensive R&D. We have run 3 full consumer trials on the product across 2015/2016/2017. The trials included three types of sleepers ‘Severes’, ‘Moderates’ and ‘Occassionals’. The results of the third trial were outstanding, with over 90% of respondents reporting that they ‘Slept more soundly’, ‘Got to sleep more easily’, ‘Woke less in the night’, ‘Slept for longer stretches of time’ and ‘Woke feeling happy and refreshed’. After this incredible third trial, we knew we were ready to launch Nod to the world. 

Will I become addicted to Nod?

The formula is safe and non-addictive. The only thing you will become addicted to is a great sleep šŸ’¤

Is Nod safe to take whilst pregnant and breastfeeding?

It is. In fact it’s a saviour at these times! Just make sure you take as directed.

Is Nod safe for babies and children?

Nod is safe for children over 10 years. You can dilute a few drops in water if you’d like to try a more mild dose for your child. 

I love Nod and Iā€™m interested in stocking it - how can I get in touch?

We would love to hear from you. Please email goodnight@nodsleep.com.

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